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When the lake is frozen, how do you baptize someone?

Here in Alaska we have some unique challenges.

It may be Spring but that doesn't mean it's terribly warm yet. This week a group from Colorado came up to Tanalian Bible Camp for a small group retreat. During one of the morning sessions, a member of their group accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior and desired to be baptized!

Only 18 inches of ice separated her from that desire. Andrew and I were asked to help fix the problem. With a chainsaw freshly drained of bar and chain oil, we found a shallow spot on the bay and opened up a 4x6 foot hole. I was surprised that this happens often enough that we have a standard plan in place at TBC!

using a chainsaw to cut a hole in the ice for baptism

Praise the Lord for this public confession of faith and for His saving grace!

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