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Cooking; Waffles with Blueberry Syrup

Since I cook a decent amount, and often find recipes I like, I thought it would help me post more often if I shared them, and maybe others would benefit from it as well. A lot of my recipes I find online, and sometimes tweak a little, so I'll give credit to those I get the recipe from.

I really like waffles, and I really like Alaskan blueberries. Aaron and I were able to go berry picking a week ago, and gathered wild Alaskan

blueberries a short four-wheeler ride from the village. We brought Nina along to get some exercise. She loved bounding in circles around us while we filled our buckets.

I'm not huge fan of pancakes, but could eat waffles every other day and not get tired of them. My mom got me a a waffle maker this past Christmas, and I have been enjoying putting it to use. Trying out different recipes for waffles from scratch or shortcuts with Bisquick or Krusteez mix. I've settled on Bisquick as my fast, easy and tasty go to.

I've been thinking of making waffles with Blueberry sauce for a couple days now, and I'm so glad I did.

I used the Bisquick waffle recipe posted on the box that I also found online:

I doubled the batch to have some to freeze for another day. From reading some of the comments I decided to add some squirts of vanilla, about 2 TBS of Sugar, and 2 tsp cinnamon to the batter to make it extra good.

I found this recipe for blueberry syrup online:

It is really simple, just 1:1:1 ratio of warm water, sugar, and Blueberries, boiled down a bit.

It turned out sooo good. I love the taste of Alaskan blueberries, there is nothing else like it. The syrup tasted just like AK blueberry Jam which is so hard to not just eat the whole jar. I told Aaron, "it makes me want to lick my plate clean".

Anyway, we enjoyed this so much I thought I'd make a post about it.

Nina, our dog, watching us pick Alaskan Blueberries in the tundra.

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