About Us

We are two people who love Jesus and want to share God's love with the people of rural Alaska. 

Aaron and Tisha are serving with InterAct Ministries in Grayling, Alaska. They are working with the local Alaska Native community to strengthen the Church body and bring the Hope and Love of Jesus to bush Alaska.

God called us into ministry in Alaska separately but also brought us together.


Tisha was born and raised in Palmer, Alaska and spent several years finishing school and working in Galena, Alaska at the GILA boarding school. She got her pilot's license in 2013 with Kingdom Air Corps and spent many summers training with them as well as working at the Brooks Range Bible Camp. She moved to Port Alsworth to work with Tanalian Leadership Center in 2016.

Aaron is California born and raised, but moved to Alaska in 2016 after graduating from LeTourneau University with a Mission Aviation degree. He served with Kingdom Air Corps for the summer, where he met Tisha and felt a calling to serve the people of Alaska.


Aaron also began working with Tanalian Leadership Center in 2017 and in the summer of 2018, he and Tisha were married!


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What are you going to do there?

InterAct believes in discipleship through all stages of life and we’re going to be doing that by everything from kids clubs to Bible studies and home church meetings, and teaching from God‘s Word all while working with local leaders to strengthen the Church body. We’ll be going out there as learners of the local culture, building genuine relationships as we do life alongside them. We believe Christ is the answer to the problems that everyone faces in their lives, especially in these rural villages, and we have felt God’s leading to share the Hope of Christ in Grayling.

Where is Grayling?

350 miles west of Anchorage on the banks of the lower Yukon River. It has an interior Alaska climate with short, intense summers and long, cold winters.

How do you get there?

A regional air taxi (Ravn) flies to the hub town of Bethel where we would connect to a smaller plane (6 seats) that hops from village to village up the river. We’re hoping to get a small plane of our own in a year or two to be able to travel from village to village more easily. Once in the village people get around on 4-wheelers or trucks.There’s no roads out of the village. People travel up and down the river in boats during the summer and fall, and snowmachines (snowmobiles) once the Yukon freezes over.

What is InterAct?

InterAct Ministries is the non-profit organization who we serve with and work for. They are the one’s officially sending us to Grayling. They provide support, accountability, and resources for us as missionaries in the bush. InterAct has dozens of missionaries in Canada, Alaska, and Far-East Russia. Learn more at InterActMinistries.org InterAct exists to make disciples among least-reached peoples in cooperation with like-minded churches and organizations.

Why Grayling? What's your connection?

We believe that we are all called to take part in Jesus' command to share the Gospel locally, regionally, and globally. We have both felt a calling for many years to work with Alaska Native people. Our connection with Grayling began in the 1960s, when Tisha's grandpa and grandma were the village missionaries in Holikachuck, then Grayling. Tisha's dad even grew up in Grayling from around age 1 to 12. This is a unique connection to be going in with.

How much does it cost to go to town?

About $300 one-way on Ravn.

How big is Grayling?

The population is about 150 people.